ChameleCo Joins AUSA's Community Partner Program to Strengthen Support for Military Families

October 05, 2023

[Washington, District of Columbia] – The Chameleon Consulting Firm, a dedicated advocate for community and military support initiatives, has solidified its commitment to enhancing support for military families through a strategic partnership with the Association of the United States Army's (AUSA) Community Partner Program.

This collaboration aligns The Chameleon Consulting Firm's mission of community engagement and military advocacy with AUSA's longstanding commitment to supporting soldiers, veterans, and their families. Together, they aim to foster a stronger network of support and resources for military communities across the nation

"As an organization deeply rooted in community service and military advocacy, our partnership with AUSA's Community Partner Program marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance the lives of military families. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to support AUSA's initiatives and strengthen the support network for our nation's heroes," said Ambericent Cornett, CEO of The Chameleon Consulting Firm.

Through this partnership, The Chameleon Consulting Firm will collaborate closely with AUSA to promote awareness of military issues, advocate for legislative priorities that benefit military families, and provide direct support through community engagement activities."We are thrilled to partner with The Chameleon Consulting Firm, an organization known for its dedication to community service and military support," said a spokesperson from AUSA. "Together, we will work to expand our reach and impact, ensuring that our military families receive the support and resources they deserve."The Chameleon Consulting Firm and AUSA's Community Partner Program are confident that this partnership will not only enhance their respective efforts but also strengthen the overall support system for military families nationwide. By combining forces, they aim to create lasting positive outcomes for those who have sacrificed in service to our country.

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