About ChameleCo

The Chameleon Consulting Firm

ChameleCo is dedicated to pioneering proactive solutions and advanced forecasting methodologies to empower our clients in making informed decisions. Our overarching mission is to seamlessly manage and optimize customer intent, ensuring both cost savings and enhanced business efficiency.

At the heart of ChameleCo's commitment lies the cultivation of a workforce characterized by competence, dedication, and reflection. We achieve this through a multifaceted approach that involves exceptional instruction, cutting-edge research, and impactful outreach. By continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, we equip our professionals with the skills and insights needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of business challenges.Our proactive stance extends beyond traditional problem-solving to a visionary outlook, anticipating and addressing issues before they emerge.

ChameleCo is not just a provider of solutions; we are partners in our clients' success, collaborating to forge a path that aligns with their goals.


The Chameleon Consulting Firm (ChameleCo), is a multidisciplined management firm that provides proactive solutions to clientele, to include local, state, and federal organizations and their cohorts.

ChameleCo is an amalgamation of STEAM, Intelligence and Information Operations and Management aggregated into a consulting statue.

For each specialty, a collaborative group is assigned to operate as a unit to provide forecasting and solutions to ensure the client does not assume any forthcoming constraints.


The Chameleon Consulting Firm emerged in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, marking its inception on August 22, 2020. Founded with a vision to harmonize the realms of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering, the company was built upon the diverse expertise of its founder, spanning various interconnected fields of knowledge.

In its early days, ChameleCo embarked on its journey as a bootstrap venture, fueled by determination and a commitment to excellence. The pivotal moment arrived when the company secured its first federal contract, aligning its path with the iconic Pentagon. Serving as a Data Science Support Element, ChameleCo made a significant foray into the Federal Sector, opening the door to further opportunities as it actively pursued Prime Contracts.

Guided by a visionary leader at the helm—an individual with a remarkable background as a Space and Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Military Intelligence Veteran, Fraud Operations AVP, Cybersecurity Technical Program Manager, and Quantum PhD Candidate—ChameleCo's future gleams with promise. Positioned to compete vigorously in the world of government contracting, the company aspires to leave an indelible mark as it continues to evolve and innovate.

Our Focus

ChameleCo is a Veteran-Owned headquartered professional consulting firm in Washington, D.C. We provide SME services in areas of:

Intelligence Operations
Information Operations
Cybersecurity and Information Tech nology
Cyber Intelligence and Data Analysis/Data Science
AI/ML/Quantum Computing
Biological and Epidemiological Practices
Engineering Services
Public Policy in Cyber and Healthcare

We are now an SBA-certified Veteran-Owned Small Business and WOSB certification. SBA 8(a) in progress.We have held contractual agreements for services to the U.S. government in the defense, intelligence, and scientific market structures as well as mentorship in our fields of experience.


It is ChameleCo's core philosophy to wholeheartedly embrace diversity, placing it at the heart of our organization.

We prioritize client focus, fostering deep collaborations and active public engagement.

We uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring integrity in all our actions.

We champion dignity and respect for every individual, valuing their unique perspectives and contributions.

Above all, we dedicate ourselves to the relentless pursuit of excellence and endeavor, setting the standard for quality and innovation.