Industry: Government and Defense

Name: The Chameleon Consulting Firm
DBA: ChameleCo

in 2020
District of Columbia Minority-Owned Small Business
Cage Code: 9JF42
UEI Code: W8JXF772E3N6
DUNS Number: 117719529
Minority-Owned Small Business
SBA Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
SBA Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
Staff Clearance: Top Secret TS/SCI SSBI Cleared Staff
Facility Clearance: Pending
ISO Certification: Pending
Prior Performance: Joint Staff, Pentagon
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Empowering Insights, Securing Futures

ChameleCo leverages expertise in data science and cybersecurity to enhance the strategic capabilities of government and military operations and defense agencies. Our innovative solutions enable the Department of Defense and allied organizations to navigate the complexities of the global information landscape, ensuring a decisive edge over potential threats and adversaries.

The Chameleon Consulting Firm's Military Operations Support

ChameleCo, LLC's expertise in Military Intelligence and Cyber Operations spans over 20 years of Joint Warfighter Service Aptitude with the Armed Forces' perspective as a guide to support decision-making. We harnesses the transformative power of data science and cybersecurity to safeguard national security interests. Our state-of-the-art solutions integrate AI-driven analytics and advanced cybersecurity measures to uncover hidden patterns, threats, and opportunities within complex operational landscapes. By analyzing and synthesizing vast datasets, ChameleCo provides actionable insights and strategic forecasts, enhancing the situational awareness and decision-making capabilities of military and intelligence communities. Our approach not only fortifies cyber defenses but also equips our clients with dynamic courses of action (COA), ensuring they stay several steps ahead of adversaries in an ever-evolving global arena.

Previous Military Intelligence and Joint Staff Operations Contracting included:

Pentagon Joint Staff, J6 Chief Data Office supporting as the Data Science Subject Matter Expert for the Chief Data Officer. ChameleCo committed to delivering expert services and support essential for fulfilling the Joint Staff J6 mission within the DD C5IDSD framework. Our collaboration was to enhance the Joint Staff J6 DSD NIEMTechnical Assistance and Military Operations Domain alongside the Joint StaffChief Data Officer (CDO). Our comprehensive service package included:

Data Standards and Integration Requirements: We focus on implementing the DoD Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) data and IT services strategies to support the Warfighter. This involves aiding the development of comprehensive data and IT services frameworks in accordance with DoDI nstructions DoDI 8320.02 and 8320.07, ensuring interoperability and integration across the joint, multinational, and interagency landscapes,including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) enterprises.

Registry and Repository Integration Support: Our expertise extends to integrating key registries and repositories, facilitatingf oundational data and service capability management across the department.

Military Technical, Analytical, and Operational Recommendations: We provide strategic recommendations to foster IT service interoperability and adata-centric DoD environment, enhancing joint and multinational operations.

NIEM and Military Operations (MilOps) Software Development: ChameleCo develops specific software tools and capabilities to support MilOps customers, leading the development, harmonization, and integration of MilOps content, and serving as the lead developer for the NIEM MilOps Domain.

Technical Engineering and Configuration Management: We offer engineering and development support for NIEM and the MilOps technical framework, ensuring consistent configuration management and supporting NIEM training and outreach initiatives.

Work Location and Travel: Primary activities were conducted at Joint Staff J6 facilities in Suffolk, VA, and the National Capital Region,with required travel as necessary. 

Technical Contracting Support Included:

ChameleCo provided support to enable the JS J6 DSD to achieve its mission effectively. Our support covered strategic and tactical operations for the warfighter based on:

Data and Standards Integration: Establishing and developing the Persistent C4 Environment, supporting current force systems, technology inserts, and solutions assessment for the joint and coalition warfighter. This included cybersecurity testing expertise and support for cyber mission force training.

Registry and Repository Integration: Managing the integration of essential data and service capability repositories to enhancedecision-making processes, demonstrating standardization, and providing technical support for project execution and assessments.

C4/Cyber Data Management and Military Operational Analysis: Offering comprehensive management and analysis for C4/Cyber data needs, updating data strategy implementations, tracking ADS exposure, and providing technical support for standards and interoperability efforts across the DoD and allied partners.

Warfighter Messaging and Standards Support for the MilitaryTactical Environment: Delivering technical and analytical support for data standards and services, ensuring DOD C5/Cyber data sharing and interoperability, and assisting in the development and integration of data and service strategies into key DOD policy and planning documents. All work requires TS-SCI clearance for designated tasks, underscoring our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of security and confidentiality in support of the Department of Defense and Joint Staff J6 missions.

ChameleCo, at the intersection of innovation and security, brings to the forefront unparalleled military and operations expertise in cyber, intelligence, information operations, and program management. Our dedicated team of professionals employs cutting-edge technologies and strategic insights to deliver comprehensive solutions that safeguard national interests and corporate assets. With a commitment to excellence and a forward-looking approach, we empower organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital age, ensuring operational resilience and strategic advantage.

The Chameleon Consulting Firm transforms challenges into opportunities.

Military Intelligence Analysis and Military Information Operations
All-Source Military Intelligence Analysis and Military Tactical and Strategic Planning

Military Information Operations and Joint Environment Concept of Operations

Data Science and Analytics
Research and Development
Data Visualization and Machine Learning for Battlespace Analysis and Forecasting

Cloud Computing and Optimization
Data Ethics and Privacy
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Machine Learning (ML)
Quantum Computing and R&D

Technology Management Consulting
Cybersecurity and Solution Architecture
Data, Project, and Change Management
IT Governance & Regulatory Compliance Auditing

Digital Transformation and Cloud Strategy
Market Research and Analysis

Defense, Military Intelligence, and Information Operations Consulting Services Across NAICS Codes

The Chameleon Consulting Firm (ChameleCo) is a versatile consulting firm that operates under various NAICS codes to provide specialized industry solutions across multiple sectors.

"Empowering Decision Superiority: Advancing Military Intelligence and Defense Operations for a Secure Tomorrow"